QIDI Technology New Generation 3D Printer X-one 2 Review

QIDI Technology New Generation 3D Printer: X-one2, Metal Frame Structure

Buying a good quality printer with expected qualities, out of the huge crowd is such a big challenge.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY New Generation 3D Printer: X-one2, Metal Frame Structure, Platform Heating

When you think of buying a 3D printer, you always wish it must be cost-effective, reliable, durable and easy to use.

To fulfill, these requirement is as hard as trying to pick a grain of sand out of a desert without knowledge.

Therefore it is always advised to have awareness about the 3D printers.

Again the problem is where to get this knowledge from?

Don’t worry I am to help you. Just go through this product review article you will know the best features of the printers.

I am sure it make up your mind to buy the product I am reviewing.

About Brand: QITI technology

QITI technology is the enlisted among such companies which got a top position and name and fame in the market within very short time.

It is because of having a hardworking, qualified and experienced team, which utilizes his capabilities to ensure the production of a quality product using new technology. They are working tirelessly day and night to overcome the problems users have in existing machines.

While doing this they have found new techniques and technologies to facilitate their clients. Among their product one best product is a review here.

It is loaded with such features that are quite capable of changing your mind to buy it. I am talking about QIDI technology new generation 3d printer.

About QIDI technology new generation 3d printer:

3D printers by QITI technology are a sign of quality. These printers are so designed that they can be used by schools, families, small and large businesses.

Because the company is changing technology with time, their printers come true to the expectations of every user.

QIDI technology new generation 3d printer is 140 mm long, 140 mm wide and 140 mm high. The design is so simple, attractive and suitable to place anywhere.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY New Generation 3D Printer: X-one2

The 3D printed comes assembled and calibrated with delivery, no need to waste time just unbox it and start using. It is simple to use and the box also contains a manual guide which can help you even if you are not familiar with 3D printers.

It uses its own well developed and free software named as QIDI print slicing software. Any case of any query or issue the QITI service team provides you exclusive and quick response.

Box of QIDI technology new generation 3d printer contains:

  • One roll of randomly selected colors of 1kg PLA filament.
  • One power Cable
  • One SD card along with SD card reader
  • A toolbox
  • A filament guide tube and a Scraper.

Important features of QIDI technology new generation 3d printer:

Full Touch Screen:

The 3D printer under 500 contains a colorful 3.5 inches touch sensitive screen which also is capable of preventing screen garbling. It is made user-friendly by adding intuitive icons which make easy to use and set according to your will.

2 layered structure:

It comes in two layers of metals with spray print technology, which gives the 3D printer stability in printing and long life. It also makes it more resistant to internal heat.

Advanced extruder:

QIDI technology new generation 3d printer user upgraded protective cover of the extruder which gives it better ventilation.

The Heating bed:

Heating bed of 3D printer is made up of Aviation Aluminum and CNC machined aluminum alloy which makes printing models stick well on the bed. This eventually will enhance the printing quality and support PLA and Filament printing, see also FlashForge 3D printer.

  • Due to dual metallic layer, the 3D printer is more stable and durable.
  • It provides high resolution
  • The 3D printer support both printing PLA and ABS filaments
  • It is very simple to use and set accordingly with icons loaded, colorful touchscreen.
  • It is reliable, durable and cost-effective.
  • It provides 6 months warranty along with lifetime experts guide
    This product has got 82% five stars customer’s reviews, which show it to be not less than best. However some customers some customers argue about the heating bet.

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  1. Qidi Tech is really good when it comes to 3D printers ! i got one from 3dprintingio.com Thanks for sharing amazing review

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