Qidi technology 3d printer x-smart Review 2023

QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer, New Model: X-smart 3.5 Inch TouchscreenSo you have made a mind to buy a 3D printer. Now you some challenges ahead you like which 3D printer you should buy? Where you should buy from and how much you should spend on buying?

QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3D Printer, New Model: X-smart Review

You can shop online on amazon quality product for a reasonable price. Here you will find a variety of good products.

Now that you know where to buy from, what to buy is the real challenge, because there is a number of good products in the market.

Don’t need to worry about I am here to help you.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the product of world’s leading brand which definitely will be more than your expectations.

It is none other than QIDI Technology.

About QIDI technology:

In an era of modern technology and high competition of best 3D printers, many companies came in a contest to prove them to be best but very few of them could make their way to top level.

The reason behind their success was the use of advanced technology according to the need of time and having qualified and experienced staff.

Who restlessly worked to carve out the best products with reliability, durability and easy to use.

Out of such brands, the QIDI Technology stands at the top. This brand in a very short time has got such name and fame that its regular customers are increasing day by day very instantly.

Their projects are trusted all over the world.

A highly working team of qualified engineers make best products and sells team deliver these quality products and guide to everyone, everywhere.

One of the best product from QIDI technology is under review which is named as QIDI technology 3d printer.

The printer has a solid body made up of metal and plastic which gives it strength and long life. It has filament the diameter of 1.75 mm and nozzle of the diameter of 0.4 mm and single extruder.

The 3D printer has layer resolution of 100 to 500 microns, with a positioning precision of 11 microns on the x-axis and y-axis and 2.5 microns on z-axis with printing size 165 mm long, 145 mm wide and 150 mm high.

It uses windows 64 bit as well as MAC operating system with a slight difference that MAC only support printing USB pen drive.

Package of the QIdI technology 3D printer contains:

  • PLA filament roller of 1kg of different colors
  • Power cable
  • USB pen drive
  • Filament guide tube

Features of QIDI technology 3D printer:

The body of the printer:

The printer has a fully enclosed plastic and metallic body. This makes it durable and good for ABS filament printing. It can also print PLA filament but will require ventilation for best results.


It consists of 3.5-inch touchscreen loaded with user-friendly environ features, which make it easy to be used, even by a beginner.

A feature of Breakpoint printing:

It often happens that during a printing process, power is lost and then the printing again start from the initial point. To overcome this problem this machine is designed to save the process in any kind of power loss and start from the same point when powered on.

Well developed Software:

With most of the printing machines, you need to buy expensive software to make it operate able. QIDI technology saves your money by proving the best software developed by them named as QIDI print

A good quality Heating Bed:

QIDI technology 3D printer contains a well-developed and accurately controlled heating bed. Due to high accuracy and precise control, it allows printing of ABS filament as well as PLA filament.

Removable elements:

The machine gives you the advantage of taking the plate out, bending to remove the done project and use it again.


  • Provides high resolution
  • Have the solid body of plastic and metal for durability
  • Work better in each environment
  • The 3D printer has a user-friendly environment
  • It costs much lesser than its competitors
  • This product has got five starts on Amazon apparently it has no defect. Most users are satisfied with its performance and result. Some users have complained about software.


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