Best QIDI Technology 3d Printer Including X-Smart Review 2023

QIDI technology X-Smart 3D Printer

We compiled up a list of best QIDI Technology 3d Printer for you to pick your great and best one, read out reviews to get the right printer.

QIDI Technology is the name of a reputation when it comes to looking for 3d printers and 3d filament.

This high-tech enterprise has successfully set the standards and its name in the big industry of best QIDI Technology 3d printers since its foundation in 2014.

They got the better place in the industry of 3d printing due to their intuitive and advanced technology featured in the modern designs 3d printers.

With their smart innovative technologies, they have taken the technology of 3d printers to next highest levels.

All QIDI Technology 3d printers are highly recommended and favorite of customers; therefore, these are easily available in the market because of high demand.

Their 3d printers have got all the advanced features and specs which enable the user to get an unforgettable 3d experience.

Also, QIDI Technology 3d printers are on the top because these are easier to use.

This company or corporation has managed to consider each and every requirement of 3d printing lovers and also designed printers in a way that beginners can easily use.

For highest performance 3d printers refer to this mentioned list of best QIDI Technology 3d printers:

Our Top Pick
Our Top Pick and Featured best QIDI Technology 3D Printer is QIDI TECH X-Pro 3D Printer.

Best QIDI Technology 3d Printer 2023 review

Catch up these best QIDI Technology 3d printer reviews to get your best one.

1. QIDI technology X-Smart3D Printer Review

QIDI technology X-Smart 3D PrinterThe QIDI Tech X – smart is designed same as the X-pro. All metal frame of QIDI Tech X – smart makes it highly durable and sturdy 3d printer. The QIDI Tech X – smart carried all high tech and advanced features which make it most stand out among the 3d printers in the market.

QIDI Tech X – smart featured new single extruder along with several other high-end technologies, therefore, this 3d printer is the best fit for business, schools, families and 3d printing fans.

QIDI Tech X – smart 3d printer featured redesigned removable plate and offer easy removal of 3d finished models.

The X-smart is equipped with an improved single extruder along with blowing turbofan on all four sides that provide the better cooling effect.

This high tech 3d printer designed to be placed in the classroom or rooms of kids because it featured easy to use the opportunity for all its users.

Qidi X-Smart Review 2023- Top-Rated 3D Printer

The QIDI Tech x-smart is the new perfect choice for 3d printing educators and beginners. Also, 3d printing experienced can also take all the required benefits for their creative and self-design models or prints.

QIDI Tech x-smart has got extra cooling fan, single extruder and 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen along with innovative and intuitive options offers easier printing operation.

The ultra-durable and advanced technology 3d printer feature heated bed made up of Aviation aluminum, CNC machining aluminum alloy which makes this printer capable to work with both PLA and ABS filament. Also, the X-Smart featured heated bed which is accurately controlled automatically.

X-smart has built-in QIDI print software that is convenient to use also the package of 3d printer carried detailed hardcopy of the user manual.

qidi x-smart is reviewed by more than 200 people so it is the best value 3d printer at this moment.

X-smart featured removable plate which is easier to remove and can be bending to get off finished prints.

Also, X-Smart features FDM printing technology, printing size 165*145*150 mm with the build plate size 170 mm X 150 mm.

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality print
  • Easy to use
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Heated bed
  • Support multiple devices
  • Special breakpoint feature
  • Support limited software
  • Manual is not easy to understand

With all the advanced features QIDI Tech X-Smart 3D Printer it is right to say that this printer surely worth your deal.

2. QIDI Technology X-Pro – Best For the Money


QIDI technology X-Pro 3D PrinterThe QIDI Tech X-Pro is the improved version of tech I 3d printer, it contained a durable metal frame with a bit of plastic material.

QIDI tech company has improvised QIDI Tech X-Pro with its construction and features. Its magnetic removable sides along with its top make it capable to print PLA and ABS easily.

All the parts and pieces are of the highest quality as well as fit very well into the settled areas.

QIDI Tech X-Pro 3D printer featured cutting-edge technology such as removable magnetic case panels, dual head extruders, removable magnetic build surface and swing open door.

The X-Pro 3d printer has got various upgraded features and all such features make it perfect fit and applicable to 3d printing lovers, families, schools and for commercial or business use.

With the help of advanced and improved technology of X-Pro removable plate users can easily remove finished prints, also the removable plate can be bend to take out model.

X-Pro’s redesigned double extruders contain blowing turbofan of on four sides that provide the better cooling effect. the X-Pro has in-build QIDI print software it is also compatible with Cura and Simpkif 3D software.

The dual extruder enables multi-color printing, while four sides blowing turbofan work really well when user printing with PLA filament.

QIDI technology X-Pro 3D Printer Review

The X-pro featured 4.3 Inch Touch Screen, this user-friendly and large interface allow users to operate printer easily.

Also, the highlight of the X-Pro lies in the breakpoint printing, with this 3d printer breakdown can be saved without any issue and later the printing can be continued according to user convenience.

In case there is a power cut or outage occur during the printing then this X-Pro 3d printer automatically saves the breakpoint.

The inbuilt software is very easy to use also the user will get a detailed manual hardcopy for users within the box.

The X-pro featured build plate of size 230 x 150mm (8.8 x 5.9 inch) while printing size measures 225*145*150mm (8.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 inch). The QIDI tech X-Pro 3d printer hold positioning precision of 11 microns on X and Y along with 2.5 microns on Z.
  • High-quality 3d prints
  • Large LCD touchscreen
  • Dual extruders
  • Removable plate
  • FDM printing technology
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable build
  • Not wifi connectivity available
  • Limited filament support

The QIDI technology X-Pro 3d printer is the upgraded version, therefore this 3d printer offers highest quality 3d prints and also easy to use.

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3. QIDI technology I 3DP-QDA- Cheap 3D Printer Under 500$

QIDI technology I 3DP-QDA 3D PrinterThe best 3d printer by Qidi Tech features dual extruder, this printer is stable and sturdy enough and therefore it stands out from the other inexpensive 3d printers.

QIDI technology I 3DP-QDA 3D Printer got a full metal frame without weak links, this sleek design not just look best but also it feels long lasting as compared to competitors build up with PVC build and wooden frame platform.

This strongly constructed QIDI 3d printer weighs around 21 kilograms or 46 pounds.

This 3d printer measures with measures 18.3 x 12.6 x 14.76 inches (465 x 320 x 375 millimeters), as well as it features heated bed which produces objects of 9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches (230 x 150 x 150 millimeters) dimension although altogether feature print volume of five liters or 313 cubic inches.

However, the plate is made up of aviation grade aluminum which helps in preventing warping of 120 Fahrenheit temperature.

In addition, the circuitry has upgraded to inhibit static during the printing process.

QIDI technology I 3DP Review

QIDI technology I 3DP-QDA 3D Printer also featured fully enclosed constant temperature device, it means when user print ABS filament this system enables machine capable of better printing result.

But when the user prints PLA filament they should ventilate printer first via turbofan. This QIDI tech 3d printer has contained heat-resistant metal platform and the best highlight dual extruders.

This 3d printer equipped with dual extruders which enable users to use two types’ filaments on the same model; in short dual extruders enable multi-color printing.

This machine offers an adjustable layer thickness from 0.1 to 0.3 millimeters. The QIDI tech 3d printer is compatible with a range of common operating systems and devices such as a laptop, PC, Mac OSX, Linux, and windows.

The user should level the print platform first before starting first build, follow instructions carefully.

This QIDI tech machine works well via SD card or the PC, while the later upgrades include wireless function.

This 3d printer provides build size dimension of 230 x 150mm (8.8 x 5.9 inch) however the machine support QIDI Print, Gcode, Makerware, Simplify 3D and Replicator.

QIDI tech 3d printer featured state of the art software work better with triangle meshes, this software is capable to print complex samples and the user can easily remove the supports, this is the best highlight feature that Qidi tech printer is best compatible.

Up-to-date slicing software is the best feature of QIDI tech 3d printer which controls every detail of 3d models.

  • Good print quality
  • Dual extruders
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Easy to use
  • Good print volume
  • Versatile 3d printer
  • Various software supported
  • Well cut product with clean edges
  • Few assembling required
  • Leveling can be challenging

QIDI technology I 3DP-QDA 3D Printer has the immense marked reputation all around the market. This printer provides all enthusiasts well throughout all designed and creative projects also provide the opportunity for versatility with dual extruders features.


4. QIDI technology New Generation X-One2 3D Printer- Editor’s Choice 

QIDI technology New Generation X-One2 3D PrinterThis QIDI Technology X-one2 has all metal; double layer along with spray paint technology allows more strong and stable printing process.

Its bright blue steel frame seems most noticeable and impressive feature. As all know the highest quality of QIDI Tech and its great QIDI Tech line of 3d printers, QIDI Technology X-one2 3d printer is mainly the second generation of QIDI’s line of X-One 3d printers.

This second generation 3d printer comprises the covered surface from sides and front, bigger printing surface and so many other advanced features, discuss here a bit later.

In the form of QIDI Technology X-one2, the company has developed an easy to use and full of the advanced features 3d printer as well as it emerged as products which various companies try to create most accessible 3d printers.

QIDI Tech X-one2 comes almost entirely assembled although it requires a bit set up. With this, users can be able to unbox and produce their first model within just 80 to 90 minutes.

The X-one2 by QIDI tech carried weight with the average of 19kg or 42 lbs whereas the handles on the side offer ease to move printer around.

The strong and long-lasting metal frame of a 3d printer is less likely to move or vibrate during the printing process also it can better produce high-quality prints.

Another most important thing one needs to consider or care for is bolted each and every piece firmly along with attached by using tapping screws, this instruction will likely prevent vibration while printing.

X-one2 has got upgraded extruder protection cover, injection mold as well as better ventilation effect than the first generation. In addition, the 3.5 inches touchscreen build in X-one2 is the best feature that makes operation easier.

QIDI technology New Generation X-One2 3D Printer

However, X-one2 featured Aviation aluminum heated bed with Metal platform support made up of  CNC machined aluminum alloy.

The heated bed of this 3d printer support both PLA and ABS filament, although printing models stick well on heated bed and thus produce better printing results.

The CNC machined aluminum alloy platform of 6mm is flatter and will not deform easily. The X-one2 contain a high-quality motor, fine switching power supply, 10mm rod and MK 10 nozzle, all these features together make X-one2 the best 3d printer for a reasonable cost.

The x-one2 support Cura and QIDI print software that is easier to use for novices, also it includes detail user manual loaded on SD card.

  • High-quality prints
  • Cost-effective
  • Large build size around 140 L X 140 W X 140 H mm
  • LCD Touchscreen for easy operation
  • Closed source
  • Support various operating system
  • Manual bed leveling
  • Required a little assembling or setting

QIDI Tech X-One2 second generation 3d printer is the upgraded machine which is worth buying truly.

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