HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer Filament Monitor Prusa I3 Review

HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer Filament Monitor Prusa I3 Upgrade

After the hit top popularity of Creality CR-10, another manufacturer named as Hictop has launched CR-10S 3D printer which is pretty identical to CR-10. People with the idea of similarities with CR-10 usually ask for what is so special with Hictop CR-10S.

In this review, we will have all the answers to the questions ever asked for Hictop CR-10S so that you can decide on better by yourself.

As stated above, mainly the specifications Hictop CR-10S are alike CR-10 but instead, this new version by another maker has few upgrades. Starting with the huge build space of this 3d printer which measures around 2100 cubic inches or 11.8”x11.8”x15.7”.

What makes Hictop CR-10S 3D printer best to use all filament types is heated, a glass-to aluminum print bed to offer better adhesion with almost all filaments.

The upgraded and smart 3d printer is capable to print with the resolutions ranges from 50-400 microns as well as it offers the best printing speed up to 200mm/s.

Together with this CR-10S attains speed above 80mm/s even with real-world application thus offering amazing results. Now let’s talk about differences, the Hictop CR-10S has upgraded feature which is dual Z-axis leading screw rod that makes best quality printing possible along with great stability

Another upgraded features makeHictop CR-10S diverse and pretty better than CR-10 and CR-10S is mainboard together with filament monitor function. Truly this function is responsible to detect if the filament is low or running out.

HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer

Product features

  • Large print size

The Hictop CR-10S features massively bigger print size which is no doubt has been the ultimate highlight of the 3d printer. With such great build volume, the Hictop CR-10S has been the hit on the market especially when you can get even at $100 more than the identical printer CR-10.

Almost impossible yes, it is harder to find such a huge print size 3d printer in such low rates. Similarly, with this in mind do not forget about the print quality, quality control and exceptional precision of this extraordinary 3d printer.

All such features make Creality Hictop CR-10S 3D printer stand out among all in the entire market.

Due to this much enormous build space, you only need to imagine how big or large print you can make particularly when you have a fine option to use almost all filament with this 3D Printer.

  • Design and structure

Uniquely the Hictop CR-10S has an all-metal frame which not only makes it sturdier but pretty much stable. Additionally, the 3d printer is designed using imported V-slot aluminum bearings, aluminum alloy platform, and special tempered glass.

Its premium quality parts and high accuracy bearings along with all-metal structure makes the printer stable yet quiet while printing.

  • Specification
  • Build volume:300x300x400mm
  • Filament type: PLA and wood
  • Printing accuracy:±0.1mm
  • Printing speed: Normal: 80mm/s, Max.: 200mm/s
  • LCD screen: 3-inch LCD screen along with aircraft knob
  • Nozzle: standard 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.2mm
  • Extruder: 1
  • Software supported: PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design software, etc
  • Operating system: Linux, Windows, OSX
  • Printing method:TF card(off-line), SD card PC(online)
  • Product weight: 22.7 pounds
  • Product dimension: 3 x 23.6 x 24.2 inches
  • Easy to assemble
The Hictop CR-10S come pre-assembled but it is very easy to put together and only take a few steps to assemble. The printer comes with three major segments and it hardly takes a couple of minutes to build it up.

As well as the wiring is completely safe and fully attached as well as used labels, so need to worry about wrong wiring, the user just needs to hook everything up and done.

  • Filament sensor

What makes Hictop CR-10S exceptional to CR-10, is the improvement made named as filament sensor. Often, it happened to users that running out of filament simply ruin the model with just a few grams.

This is why this feature especially adds into the 3d printer to detect whether the filament is low or runs out, in this case, the printer automatically pause the printing process.

However, the feature also pauses printing process in case of power off. With this upgrade, this 3D printer can save hours of printing time, effort and many of wasted filaments.

  • Dual Z lead screws

The first main upgrade for Hictop CR-10S is actually dual Z-Axis lead screws. Unlike other 3d printers the 3d printer uses two lead screws instead of one due to upgrade or improves precision and stability at the highest end majorly for larger print models.

However, as we all know that the print quality is incredibly good with CR-10 so that users may not experience much of a difference with both two.

But for all those run their 3D printers all day long although will really find this upgrade very effective and useful as this upgrade improves the durability of the 3d printer over the time. 

  • Safe control board and heated bed

To start printing with Hictop CR-10S first you need to connect the printer via micro SD card or tethered USB. Additionally, the 3d printer’s control box provides you complete interface with the machine to operate easily.

The heating bed of the printer uses special tempered glass with industrial grade aluminum alloy platform to make a sure flat formation bed which prevents tear and wear as well. Also, it makes easier to pluck off a print model from the bed.

Likewise, the hotbed is PCD board aluminum; the LCD, control board and power supply all are designed well to be clear in looks and safety.

  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Very good print quality
  • All filament type supported
  • Easy to put together
  • Online and offline operation
  • USB and SD card supported
  • Auto-calibration
  • Filament sensor
  • Dual Z-axis lead screws
  • Durable and steady
  • 3-inches LCD screen
  • Upgrades required for ABS filament
  • Poor quality PLA filament and SD card
Final Verdict

With all such upgrades and features, Hictop CR-10S is truly worth buying with giant print size and amazingly low price tag. Hictop should be the prior choice if you are looking for a printer with huge build volume and affordable rates check also Qidi Technology 3D printer.


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