Creality Ender 5 3d Printer Review 2023

Creality Ender 5 Review 2020

A product designed by comgrow is such an excellent product that can print 3d art. This product is listed in the world’s top 3d printers. It has unbeatable quality and amazing features.

Don’t be excited more! Here we have selected Creality Ender 5 3D Printer for you. This Printer is expert’s choice that comes with quality material and advanced features. By using this Printer, you can complete a lot of your difficult tasks with full satisfactory.

Before starting, creality ender 5 reviews, why you don’t have some idea about the manufacturers. Sometimes getting an idea about the manufactures helps us to choose the right product.

What is Comgrow and what it actually makes?

Comgrow is a well-known company that has made quality products. The majority of its inventions are award-winning and professional’s recommended machines. You may have its products on a variety of online e-commerce websites. The company is providing both offline and online services for the customer.

A lot of comgrow machines are listed in the world’s top-selling machines. Recently this brand has introduced a short chain of 3D printers; those printers are formally expensive but providing unbeatable outputs and it is under 500.

Well after long research and having positive reviews in bulk today, we have decided to make you know about a 3D printer by comgrow. We are quite sure that by reading the “creality ender 5 reviews,” you will surely buy and use this Printer.

Official Creality Ender 5 3D Printer Review:

A lot of people think that they have never seen resuming printing functioned 3D printers. They seem quite after having Creality Ender 5 3D Printer by comgrow. This Printer incredibly designed and caring lot of unique features.

The quality and output by creality ender 5 are merely overwhelming. Undoubtedly this is the reason for which professionals always use and recommend this Printer. Not only by results, but it even looks attractive and normal weighted.

By the name, you can easily conceptualize that Creality Ender 5 is made for official type heavy tasks. It gives you high – precision printing quality due to its Y-axis. It works gradually after combining with dual shaft motors. Both move smoothly by avoiding a lot of resistances and sucking printing issues.

Creality Ender 5 is designed with a brand power supply that can heat up the hotbed up to 110℃ temperature within five minutes only. Otherwise, ordinary 3d printers take half to forty minutes to reach this temperature. Means now, by using a creality ender 3d printer, you can perform a lot of your difficult tasks on an urgent basis. This Printer is absolutely one of the best-enclosed 3D printers.

Additionally, people’s favorite and most appropriate function of this Printer is its resume printing function. For resume printing function ender 5 3D printers has protected by a power supply. Through this supply, the Printer can control an imbalanced power outage and voltage points.

If you are already using other printers, then you must already know that by losing electrical power, printers won’t work, and they lose their powers. In this type of issue, you have to restart your task again; but say thanks to comgrow that actually made ender 5 amazing.

This admirable brand has made an especially 3d printer with resuming printing features. Now no matters if your electricity has gone, you can re-continue your task from the last layer where it stops. This feature makes ender 5 convenient because, due to these features, you can reduce the risk of waste and can save you precious time.

The company provides you an instructor kit, by which now anyone can easily assemble and use this 3d Printer. A lot of printers come with compact parts and not easy to assemble, but ender 5 has no more complexity.

Finally, the quality is overwhelming, which will never disappoint you, but in case of any assistance, the company has 24 customer care centers for you. The customer support service of this company contains all well-deserved technicians. These are enough to sort any of your printing issues by ender 5. According to reviews, “creality ender 5 vs ender 3” ender 5 is more expensive while it has more advanced features.

Specific features:

  • normal weighted
  • looks attractive
  • high – precision printing quality by Y axis and shaft motors
  • can heat up the hot bed 110℃ temperature within five minutes
  • resume printing function
  • instructor kit for easy assembly
  • dual Z axis lead screw
  • V-shape wheels
  • 220X220X300 Printing Size
  • Detachable printing surface /

My personal reviews about:

If someone is really disappointed by the sucking issues of its 3d printer, then Creality Ender 5 is the best choice for him. Firstly I always believe that printing is such a headache that should be done by speed breakers.

Fortunately, I was completely wrong when I saw the most advanced 3d printer by comgrow. I have seen add on TV and realize to buy this printer, I was fully disappointed with my previous 3D printer, due to its less speed and low quality work.

Today I can do a lot of heavy and urgent tasks by ender 5 3 printers. It is just a gift by comgrow to me and all workers who are sticking in their printings tasks. Initially, this printer may feel you expensive, but believe me when you will have its quality work, and then you will realize that the company has offered beneficial machinery at low price, also see Creality Ender 5 Pro.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple adjust
  • Fast speed
  • Well made
  • Durability confirmed
  • Advanced features
  • Editor’s choice
  • Works great
  • Resuming printing available
  • Not available every where
  • Not affordable for every one
  • Cannot be handled by everyone
  • Recommended for official work only


creality ender 5 3D printer is a combination of best quality material, durability, and advanced features. This 3D printer is best for official tasks; through this 3D printer, you may offer a lot of urgent tasks. It offers you fast speed with great output. For me, this printer is an admirable gift for all the workers who really want to do quality tasks in less time. The noise-free feature makes this 3D printer for office other we cannot adjust a noise-full printer in offices.

Frequently asked question section:

What nozzle size on creality ender 5?

Same as Ender 3 printer, Ender 5 comes with a 0.4-mm brass nozzle. This nozzle is fitted in the heat block with M6 thread by default.

How loud is creality ender 5?

Creality ender 5 printers is designed with an appropriate control board. This board makes this printer noise-free, but sometimes stepper motor derivers make little sounds. The base unit of Creality is upgradable if you want more silence than you may simply replace it.

Which pc software works with creality ender 5?

Cura 15 or Cura 3.4.1 pc software works with Creality ender 5.


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